My my My my

                                       BADGERS SIDELINES  *(note (p) = pauses)


RED & WHITE - red and white, red and white

KEEP iT UP - keep it up, keep it up, keep that super spirit up, keep (p) it (p) up (p) woo

SPIRITS ALL AROUND - the spirits all around (p p) so feel the heat, get your feet up off the ground (p p) catch the beat

COOKIE MONSTER - the Cookie Monster says that the (Tigers) are (p) the itty bitty crumbs at the bottom of the jar, and the Cookie Monster says that the Badgers are (p) the great big cookies at the top of the jar

SMILE NOW - smile now (p) cause when we're through (p) there ain't gonna be no smiles for you!

GO, GO BADGERS - go (p) go Badgers (p) heyyyyyyy go Badgers

MOVE IT - move it (p) down the field, go that way

W-H-I-P - W-H-I-P (p) for our victory, I said a whip em woo, whip em good (p), I said a whip me woo, whip em good

RED HOT - this game means a lot (ppp) give it all you got (ppp) what do we got? (P) we got a lot (p) we got a team that's RED HOT!

GO RED, GO WHITE - go red, go white, fight Badgers fight!

MIGHTY BADGERS - where the mighty Badgers and we do as we please (p) get tough  (p) attack, make them shake in their knees

#1 - Badgers are the best when all is said and done (p) when we say number (p) you say 1 (p) number 1, number 1, number number 1 1, number number number number 1 1 1 1

TiME & PLACE - there's a time and place for everything you do (p) so get up and jam (p) do the boogaloo!!

HEY, HEY, HEY - hey, hey, hey (p) Badgers all the way!

FiGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT - fight, fight, fight (p) Badgers out of sight

WIN, WIN, WIN - win,win, win (p) Badgers Go - Fight - Win

1,2,3,4 - 1 (p) we are the Badgers, 2 (p) a little bit louder, 3 (p) I still can't hear you, 4 (p) more more more

WE'RE #1, YOU'RE #2 - we're number 1 (p) you're number 2 (p) we're gonna beat the woopsies out of you!

B-E-A-T - b-e-a-t (p) beat the (Tigers)

TAKE IT AWAY - take it away de-fense, take it (p) away

PAPA SMURF - hey you (p) you (Tigers) (p) take papa smurf's advice, turn around and smurf for you're life

YES, YES, YES WE DO - yes, yes, yes we do, we got spirit, how bout you??

CHEERLEADERS ROCK THE HOUSE - cheerleaders rock the house (p) cheerleaders rock the house (pp) do the jerk (p) be alert, let your body work

DOWN & OUT - if you're feeling down and out (p) let me hear you scream and shout freak out! (ppp) freak freak freak out!!

ROWDIE - R-O-W-D-I-E, that's the way we like to be, ROWDIE (p) let's get ROWDIE  (p) woo!

PSYCHED - P-S-Y-C-H-E-D, get psyched, get psyched, get rowdie!!

OFFENSE - O-FF-ENSE (p) our offense line is (p) crazy!

DEFENSE GO - de-fense let's go!

EVERYBODY LISTEN - everybody listen (everybody listen) and do the funky chicken (and do the funky chicken) 

FIRED UP - let's get fired up!

BREAK THROUGH THAT LINE - break thru that line (p) do it Badgers one more time!

AA - a-aaaaaaaaaaa, (a-aaaaaaaaaaa) a rickie tickie tumba ( a rickie tickie tumba) a moosa moosa moosa ( a moosa moosa moosa) ba de bup ba de ba de ba de ba

รข€‹B-BA - B ppp) B-A (ppp) B-A-D (p) G-E-R-S

B - (ppp ppp pp) B (ppp ppp pp) A (ppp ppp pp) D (ppp ppp pp) E (ppp ppp pp) R (ppp ppp pp ) S (ppp ppp pp) let's go Badgers!

TOUCHDOWN (the big T) - touchdown, touchdown (p) the big T, makes the Bridgewater Badgers (p) happy!

AHH YA YA - ahhhh ya ya ya, let's go badgers

LET'S GO, LET'S FIGHT - Badgers (p) let's go, let's fight, Go Fight Win!

PUSH EM BACK - push em (p) push me back (p) push me back Big Red!

W-O-R-K - W (pp) O (pp) R (pp) K (pp) gotta work boys, gotta work boys (p) to win this game