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                               Bridgewater Badger Cheerleading 
                                         Advisors Responsibilities
Parent Advisor-A parent advisor is there to be a supervisor of the team. To maintain order of the girls and to be assured that they do not wander off (especially at the football field). To make sure that a cheerleader always goes to the bathroom with a parent or a buddy. To stay with the entire team until they are all picked up after a practice or game. One Advisor must stay until all girls are picked up. If a parent continues to be late speak to her or ask a board member to. Take attendance and handle any problems that could arise. It is not the advisors job to teach cheers, jumps or stunting (the coaches will do that).
Advisor Duffle Bag-A duffle bag will be handed out to each squad for the Advisors use. The duffle bag should be at each practice and game. At the end of each practice or game the bag should go home with the advisor who will be present at next practice or game. The bag will contain a folder with your squad’s information, medical release forms, a side line list, attendance sheet, Dance/Apparel Room volunteer sheet, an injury form, ice packs, full first aid kit and a radio/Ihome for your squads use.
Attendance-Please keep attendance of all cheerleaders. We will print out an attendance sheet and it will be located in your folder. Please mark absentees, tardiness and dismissals. If a cheerleader misses 2 practices please remind the Parents they are allowed only 3 unexcused practices before it is brought before the Board for grounds for dismissal (please read rules and regulations) Excused absences is medical with Doctors note and religion.
Injuries-If a cheerleader receives an injury at a practice or game record it with the form provided. If she needs medical help call immediately. All cheerleaders’ information is on the medical release forms in your duffle bag. Please inform a Board member after the situation is under control. Bridgewater Badger Cheerleaders is fully insured. Follow up with your injured cheerleader and see how she is doing. We do supply ice packs for minor injuries, if you use them frequently replace them we have extra supplies in the Cheer room (ask a Board Member).
Communication and Discipline-It is important that the lines of communication between the parents and advisors be open. We suggest that a weekly newsletter be done and either passed out to each squad member or sent via email. You may choose whatever works best for your squad, just make sure the parents know how you will be communicating.  Anything sent out thru emails should be posted thru our website.( Training and passwords will be provided) The rules and regulations are posted on the website. If you have problems, refer the parents to a board member or our website
Board Communication-The board uses the website and email as our communication vehicle. Please make sure you check the website regularly and your email. Cancellation of practices and game changes will be posted on the site and an email will be sent out to everyone.
Rosters-The rosters are all listed on our website. Please print your list with names, phone numbers and parents’ names and provide this to your parents at the first practice or email it to them. This will allow them to contact other persons for carpooling. Please do not give out other information on the roster.
Advisors and Coaches Communication-It is also important to keep the communications open between advisors and coaches. Make sure that the coaches have the advisors phone numbers in case they have to get in touch with one of you. Please remember to keep the coaches informed of practices, games; ect…Best ractice is to give them a copy of the newsletter because usually everything is included. The advisor will assist the coaches control the behavior of the squad (when the coaches get frustrated because everyone is talking and not listening to them reel them in so the coaches don’t scream at them.) Please keep in mind that the coaches are high school students who are volunteering their time. If you see a coach handling something inappropriately – divert attention to something else and speak to them privately. The coaches should not be disciplining the girls. Please remember also that you are the advisor and not the coach. Let the coaches do their job. . If you do not see the girls progressing with their routine, please let a board member know as soon as possible.
 Discipline-Advisors are in total charge of discipline. Set some ground rules right up front of your expectations during practice and games. Go through the rules and regulations with the girls. Explain to the girls that they should be paying attention during practice to their coaches and during games they should be standing clean, paying attention to the game and cheering.
If it is necessary to speak to a parent about their child’s behavior, be sure to do it a respectful manner (It is always a good idea to have another advisor or board member present) Think about how you would feel if there were problems with your child. If you’re uncomfortable with this, ask a Board Member. We will be happy to talk to any parent, anytime.
Praise the girls-Don’t forget to praise the girls, too! Cheerleading should be a positive and fun experience for the girls – not a chore.
Game Schedule-A game schedule and directions to the away games will be posted on our website as soon as available. In addition, the schedule will be printed in the football handbook that is given out at home games at the beginning of the season. It is important to remember that the schedule is subject to change at any time during the season. The girls are expected to be at all games even if there is a change in the schedule. In the past games were changed numerous times due to inclement weather and EEE. Please plan accordingly during the season. Cheerleaders should arrive one hour before game time to practice their half time routine (weather permitting). If a cheerleader is more than 15 minutes late she cannot perform half time (this is due to her missing practice time). One or more Advisor must be present at all games, if nobody can make it to a game please inform the Board beforehand so we can cover it for you.
Fundraising-We only do a few fundraising activities and ask for everyone’s participation. All proceeds from the fundraising events go towards the buying and cleaning of the uniforms, opening day festivities, end of season pizza party, competition, trophies and awards ceremony. This year we will be doing the following fundraising activities:
 Raffle Rickets-selling raffle tickets for $10 apiece for a chance to win $500 in Lottery tickets. It is mandatory for each girl to sell 10 tickets. The drawing will take place at a home game in September.
Dances-Each year we sponsor dances for the 7th and 8th grade students at the Bridgewater Middle School and Socials for the 5th and 6th grade at the Williams Intermediate School. We ask that one parent from each family chaperone one dance.
 Apparel Room-The apparel room is opened up at every home game and we are asking each parent to work in the room for at least one game during the season. Each advisor will receive a sign-up sheet for their parents to volunteer. They can do any game (it does not have to be their daughters). We really count on the tent to raise funds for the organization.
Parents may opt to pay a $50 fee to now work the apparel room or chaperone a dance. All cheerleaders must participate in out Lottery Ticket Sales.
Competition DVD’s-Competition DVD’s will be handed out sometime in June for all cheer cheerleaders. It will contain their entire routine minus the building and tumbling. They are to watch and learn their routine. We do not expect the girls to know the routine perfectly but we do expect them to at least know the cheer words and be familiar with the dances and music. They should watch it repeatedly and they will eventually catch on. If they have any questions or concerns there is the choreographers phone numbers and emails on the DVD case.  
Competition-Competition is schedule for November 2015 for the Cheer Squads. All cheerleaders are bussed to the competition and their parents are responsible for driving them home. More information will come as the season progresses and will be updated on the website.
Cheer Camp-Camp is held the 2nd week in August (dates are updated on our website every year) for all Cheer Cheerleaders. Camp is mandatory. If a cheerleader cannot make camp she cannot be on cheer. Camp is important because the choreographers are present and they finalize the routine with building and tumbling. This cannot be done without ALL girls.
Pizza Party-Each squad likes to have an end of the season Pizza Party. Cheer usually does theirs the night before competition while their hair is getting done. Pep can have theirs any time near their last scheduled game. We pay for the pizza only parents usually volunteer with soda, water and baked goods. Keep in mind we do get a discount rate at Papa Ginos. Please save receipt and we will reimburse you.
Communication with Advisors and Board Members-we are asking all parents cooperation in not contacting coaches and to speak only to the advisors or a board member if you have any questions or concerns. The coaches are there to help the girls and not handle any other issues or parents’ concerns. You may remind a parent they can contact advisors or board members by phone or in addition on the website, under the Contact Us page, you can send an email to us and someone from the board will get back to you.
Please remember there is a NO SMOKING policy at the field (this means during practices and games)