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RULES AND REGULATIONS                                                   UPDATED 3/20/2013
  1. Cheerleaders are expected to conduct themselves in proper manner at all times.
  1. Any cheerleader deliberately causing harm to another cheerleader, displaying willful misconduct or disrespectful behavior to coaches and/or advisors during any practice, games or competition could be cause for dismissal from the Badger Association at the discretion of the Board. Bullying of any kind will NOT be tolerated.  Cheerleaders may not post negative degrading comments about any person or team on their Facebook or other social network pages. In addition, any pictures found posted of Cheerleaders that appear to be inappropriate in nature, will be reviewed by the Board and may result in dismissal of the Cheerleader from the Badgers Organization. Our goal is to promote and support unity, growth, stability and overall security for all Cheerleaders on all squads.
  1. The use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco products will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate dismissal from the cheerleading squad.
  1. Always be friendly and kind to others, including cheerleaders from other towns.
  1. Listen and take instruction from your coaches and advisors. There should be no talking/fooling around during games and during practices when advisors and coaches are talking/coaching. 
  1. Pay attention to the football game and lead your fans in cheers with enthusiasm!
  1. For cheer squads, attendance is MANDATORY at ALL games, practices and camp. Absences affect the entire squad and should be avoided whenever possible.  The season will begin the 2nd week of August for all cheerleaders and end after competition and/or Super Bowl (mid November). Practices and game schedules are subject to change and everyone is expected to be flexible during the season. There will be a maximum of 3 practices per week, according to your coaches’ and advisors’ schedules. Additional practices will be scheduled in October and November to prepare for competition, if necessary. Parents are to proivide transportation to and from practices and games. Please be on time when picking up and dropping off your children. We volunteer our time and must stay with the cheerleaders until they are all picked up.
·       Medical reasons (with doctor’s note) and religious holidays are excused absences.   Please try not to book doctor appointments on practice days during the cheer season.
·       Family vacations and other sport commitments during the mandatory season are NOT considered excused absences and will be considered unexcused. If a cheerleader has 3 unexcused absences, the cheerleader will be removed from the cheerleading squad. .
·       In order to get ready for competition, there will be NO unexcused absences allowed on cheer squads after October 19th.  Cheer squads will practice on Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day and possibly other days the school is closed for professional teaching days.
·       In the event that you cannot attend a practice or a game, you must notify your advisor in advance.
·       Choreographer camp will be held during the week of August 21st for all squads. As soon as the dates are confirmed we will publish on the website.  Attendance is mandatory as the routines and building will be taught on these days.
·         No Tardiness: If you are 15 minutes late to practice it will be counted as an unexcused absence. Any cheerleader who arrives more than 15 minutes late to the advisor’s scheduled arrival time for a game will not be allowed to cheer for the first quarter or participate in half-time.
·       Early departure from practice:  If you leave 15 minutes or more before the scheduled end of practice, it will be counted as an unexcused absence.

      Girls who do not conform to the attendance policy will NOT be eligible to cheer on a competition squad on the following year. 

  1. Practice uniform - red or navy shorts and Badger t-shirt (no cami style tank tops (spaghetti straps) should be worn at practices, keeping in mind the weather. Hair must be tied back in a high ponytail with no hair on shoulders or back and absolutely no gum chewing is allowed at practices or games.
  1. No makeup, colored hairspray, jewelry or nail polish while in uniform or on the practice field.
  1. Cheerleaders may not visit the concession stand during the games. Any food or beverage that would stain the uniform should not be consumed (i.e. hot chocolate and Gator Ade). If uniform is stained, parents are responsible for the replacement costs.
  1. Come to the game on time with your clean full uniform including: hair ornaments, pom-poms, body suit, vest, skirt, lollipop pants, socks, wind suits and cheerleading sneakers. Bring everything! If missing any of the above apparel, cheerleader must sit out for the duration of the game. Cheerleading sneakers purchased should only be worn to the games and competition. DO NOT WEAR YOUR GAME SNEAKERS TO PRACTICE until we move inside the gym.
  1. Cheerleaders are expected to attend every game regardless of the weather. Upon severe weather conditions, cheerleaders may be dismissed at the discretion of the advisors or a board member.
  1. Any cheerleader not abiding by the above rules and regulations will be asked to leave the game or practice, at the discretion of the advisors and this will be considered an unexcused absence.  Repeated offenses will result in the cheerleader being removed from the squad.
  1. All rules and regulations are subject to change by the Bridgewater Badger Cheerleaders Board and will be posted on the website.